OUR Senator

Election Day is

Tuesday, November 5th

A Message from George

As your State Senator, I know that you want me to get things done. I get more bills passed than almost any other Senator because I work closely with both Republicans and Democrats, I never give up, and I find ways to bring people together rather than driving them apart.

I work on the things that are important to you:

  • a strong economy and good jobs including work force development that helps people get good paying jobs and helps businesses succeed
  • a transportation system that works 
  • a great educational system for all students and families, where teachers are adequately paid and schools are not overcrowded
  • an efficient health and human resources system that helps families and individuals be healthy and become self-sufficient
  • protection and help for our members of the military, veterans, and their families, making Virginia the most veteran friendly state
  • protecting the votes of all citizens and ensuring that districts are drawn fairly so that the elected officials chosen, reflect the electorate
  • protecting the safety of all Virginians, including adoption of broadly supported, common-sense effective gun safety measures 
  • creating a healthy environment for all Virginians including addressing climate change
  • creating a positive political environment for all ideas and perspectives to be heard
  • a balanced, on-time state budget that reflects our priorities and needs 
  • a Commonwealth that is open and provides opportunity for all regardless of race, ethnicity, income, gender, and whom you love
  • recognition of women's equality and and respect for their healthcare decisions 
  • appropriate services to help those with intellectual and developmental disabilities, mental health conditions, or addiction, realize their potential


I listen to you and am willing to make the hard decisions that are best for Virginia. You are doing your part, and I pledge to continue working to improve things for all of us. I’m asking for your support on November 5th so that together we can achieve a shared vision for Northern Virginia.